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Glocom Inc. has provided leading edge design and manufacturing services as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for major satellite and communications companies, since 1992. A proficient Company with headquarters just outside Washington D.C., Glocom has both US and Chinese engineering, assembly, quality assurance (QA) and test capabilities. Glocom’s US and Chinese facilities are ISO 9001 certified.
    Glocom has created end user terminals as well as fixed satellite earth stations channel units.  User terminal types include, marine, vehicle, aeronautical and fixed units. Glocom has delivered thousands of user terminals to major global OEMs. One of Glocom’s major concentrations has been in support of Inmarsat’s satellite networks for which it have provided terminals and/or channel unit cards for B, C, M, mM, GAN, Swift Fleet, BGAN and FleetBroadband services. Glocom’s channel units are used in fixed satellite earth stations throughout the world.
    In addition to Glocom’s satellite products, Glocom has designed intrinsically safe (IS) wireless mesh radio handsets, tracking tags and mesh to public telephone system interface units.
    At Glocom, the customer comes first. We have a long history of repeat customers and will continue our role in helping others make cost effective, capable and reliable satellite terminals and communications systems.

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