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       Mobile-Satellite Communications Systems:  System design and specifications

       Modems:  Modulation, demodulation, FEC in DSP or FPGA  

       RF Design (up to L-band): 

       Frequency synthesizer, up-and-down converter, high-power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, etc.

       Embedded systems: Real-time Linux OS

       Voice and Fax technologies: Voice codec, fax interface

       Telephony: PSTN, ISDN

       Network: Voice over IP, Fax over IP, SIP server, LAN switches

       Mechanical and product packaging designs

       The company is not a test house but obtains certification for our products and helps third parties secure type approvals for those we design



       Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

       Intrinsically Safe (IS) / Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

       Environmental (Temperature, Shock, Dust, Water, …)

       Medium volume manufacturing and production

Sample Products:




       FB 250/500

       Mesh Radio Handset

       Mesh Tracking Tag

       Wireless Mesh to Public Telephone Interface

       Inmarsat-B Terminal

       Inmarsat Notebook-M Terminal

       Gemini-128: Dual Channel Inmarsat-M4 Land Transportable

       Gemini-128: Dual Channel Vehicular GAN

       Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) Channel Modems

       Channel Simulators


Smallest Inmarsat M User Terminal                        iMUST BGAN Voice and Fax Unit

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