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For over two decades Glocom has been a market leader to satellite communications providers and other markets. Ground breaking products have included:

 DSP-based channel simulator (SCATT 8906) for Inmarsat C

 Universal channel modem card design (signaling & traffic) for Inmarsat B/C/D/M/mini-M/GAN/Swift/Fleet systems

 Only notebook-size Inmarsat M terminal with Smartcard operation

 Only dual-channel Global Area Network (GAN) terminal (Gemini-128 series) for land, vehicle, and maritime use

 Inmarsat Aero Swift-64 Transceivers

 Inmarsat FB250 User Terminal

• MSHA approved Intrinsically Safe (IS) wireless communications and tracking handset and locator tag


Satellite Channel Simulator                                                            Channel Modem


Wireless Mesh Locator Tag                                                  Inmarsat B Transportable User Terminal

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